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Massimiliano LENARDI,   PhD

    R&D Manager
   Automotive and Industry Laboratory (A&IL)
   Center for Social Innovation Europe (CSI EU)

   and Senior Research Engineer

   HITACHI Europe

    955 route des Lucioles, "Ecolucioles B2"
    06560 Valbonne  Sophia-Antipolis

    Email:       Massimiliano.Lenardi a t
                      or       Massimiliano a t

    Tel:      +33.(0)
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Conference Papers    (PDF files)
  1. M. Lenardi and Dirk T.M. Slock, "A RAKE Receiver with Intracell Interference Cancellation for a DS-CDMA Synchronous Downlink with Orthogonal Codes", in Proc. IEEE VTC 2000 Spring, Tokyo - Japan, 15-18 May 2000.
  2. M. Lenardi, Abdelkader Medles and Dirk T.M. Slock, "Downlink Intercell Interference Cancellation in WCDMA by Exploiting Excess Codes", IEEE SAM 2000 Workshop, Cambridge, Massachusetts - USA, 16-17 March 2000.
  3. M. Lenardi and D.T.M. Slock, "SINR Maximizing Equalizer Receiver for DS-CDMA", in Proc. EUSIPCO 2000, Tampere - Finland, 5-8 September  2000.
  4. M. Lenardi, A. Medles and D.T.M. Slock, "A SINR Maximizing RAKE Receiver for DS-CDMA Downlinks", in Proc. ASILOMAR 2000, Pacific Grove, California - USA, 29 Oct.- 01 Nov. 2000.
  5. M. Lenardi, A. Medles and D.T.M. Slock, "Comparison of Downlink Transmit Diversity Schemes for RAKE and SINR Maximizing Receivers", in Proc. IEEE ICC 2001, Helsinki - Finland, 11-15 June 2001.
  6. M. Lenardi, A. Medles and D.T.M. Slock, "Intercell Interference Cancellation at a WCDMA Mobile Terminal by Exploiting Excess Codes", in Proc. IEEE VTC 2001 Spring, Rhodes - Greece, 6-9 May 2001.
  7. M. Lenardi and D.T.M. Slock, "A SINR Maximizing 2D RAKE Receiver for Multi-Sensor WCDMA Mobile Terminals", in Proc. IEEE VTC 2001 Spring, Rhodes - Greece, 6-9 May 2001.
  8. M. Lenardi and D.T.M. Slock, "Channel Estimation for a Discrete-Time RAKE Receiver in a WCDMA Downlink: Algorithms and Repercussions on SINR", in Proc. IEEE VTC 2001 Fall, Atlantic City, NJ - USA, 7-11 Oct. 2001.
  9. M. Lenardi and D.T.M. Slock, "A RAKE Structured SINR Maximizing Mobile Receiver for the WCDMA Downlink", in Proc. ASILOMAR 2001, Pacific Grove, California - USA, 4-7 Nov. 2001.
  10. M. Lenardi and D.T.M. Slock, "Estimation of Time-Varying Wireless Channels and Application to the UMTS W-CDMA FDD Downlink", in Proc. EUROPEAN WIRELESS 2002, Firenze - Italy, 26-28 Feb. 2002.
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  13. H. Menouar, M. Lenardi, F. Filali, "An Intelligent Movement-based Routing for VANETs", ITS World Congress 2006, October 2006, London, United Kingdom.
  14. T. Osafune, L. Lin, M. Lenardi, "Multi-Hop Vehicular Broadcast (MHVB)", ITST 2006, Chengdu, China, June 2006.
  15. L. Lin, T. Osafune, M. Lenardi, "Floating car data system enforcement through vehicle to vehicle communications", ITST 2006, 6thInternational Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Chengdu, China, June 2006.
  16. R. Bredy, T. Osafune, M. Lenardi, "RSVconf: Node Autoconfiguration for MANETs", ITST 2006, Chengdu, China, June 2006.
  17. M. Mariyasagayam, M. Lenardi, "Broadcast Algorithms for Active Safety Applications over Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks",WIT 2007, 4th International Workshop on Intelligent Transportation, Hamburg, Germany, March 2007.
  18. M. Mariyasagayam, T. Osafune, M. Lenardi, "Enhanced Multi-Hop Vehicular Broadcast (MHVB) for Active Safety Applications", ITST 2007, 7thInternational Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Sophia Antipolis, France, June 2007.
  19. H. Menouar, M. Lenardi, F. Filali, "Movement Prediction-based Concept for Topology-based Unicast Routing Protocol in VANETs", ITST2007, 7th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Sophia Antipolis, France, June 2007.
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  22. M. Gerlach, O. Mylyy, M. Mariyasagayam, M. Lenardi, "Securing Multihop Vehicular Message Broadcast using Trust Sensors", Med-Hoc-Net 2008, the 7th IFIP Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, June 23-27 2008, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
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Journals    (PDF files)
  1. H. Menouar, M. Lenardi, F. Filali, "A Survey and Qualitative Analysis of MAC Protocols for Vehicular Ad-Hoc NETworks (VANETs)", IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, special issue on “Inter-vehicular communications.

Book chapters
  1. H. Menouar, M. Lenardi, F. Filali, "An extensive Survey and Taxonomy of MAC Protocols for Vehicular Communications", included in "Adaptation in Wireless Communications" of CRC Press (Dec 2007).
  2. M. Gerlach, O. Mylyy, N. Mariyasagayam, M. Lenardi, "Securing Multihop Vehicular Message Broadcast using Trust Sensors", 2008, in IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 265, "Advances in Ad Hoc Networking", editors: P. Cuenca, C. Guerrero, R. Puigjaner, B. Sen'a, (Boston: Springer), pp. 109-120.

PhD Thesis manuscript    (zipped PS file)

Massimiliano Lenardi, "Advanced Mobile Receivers and Downlink Channel Estimation for 3G UMTS-FDD WCDMA Systems", Eurecom Institute - EPFL, May 2002.

Master Thesis manuscript    (zipped PS file)

Massimiliano Lenardi, "Distributed Antennas for Cellular Wireless Systems", Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), June 1998.

  1. "Method and Apparatus Synchronizing Clocks of Network Nodes"
  2. "Method and Apparatus for Community-based Communication"
  3. "Method and Apparatus for Estimating a Travel Time of a Travel Route"
  4. "Method and Apparatus for Determining whether a Moving Entity is moving in a Predetermined Direction"
  5. "Method and Apparatus for Determining a Distribution of Neighbour Nodes around a First Node in a Communication Network"
  6. "Method and Apparatus for Disseminating Data in a Communication Network"

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Short Biography:

Massimiliano (Max) got his MasterDegree in Electronic Engineering in 1997 in Italy (University ofTrieste), his Doctoral School Degree in Communication Systems in 1998 in Switzerland (EPFL) and his PhD in Mobile Communications in 2002 in France (Eurecom Institute - EPFL)..

Max manages the HITACHI "Automotive & Industry Lab." (A&IL) within the European Centre for Social Innovation (CSI EU).

A&IL includes 2 sites:

- in Sophia Antipolis, FR, we innovate with Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for the CONNECTED AUTONOMOUS CARS domain (including related Standardization) and their integration within Smart Cities.

- in Munich, DE, we innovate with SMART AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS for next generation Dynamic Control of vehicle, in particular Autonomous Vehicles, and with SMART ENGINE COMBUSTION technologies.

In both above sites, we innovate as well for next generation SMART MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, in particular with the application of AI and IoT/M2M for Industrie4.0 domain.

Max previously managed 2 other R&D sites of HITACHI in Europe: in Manchester, UK, and in Copenhagen, DK, where we apply Big Data/Analytics for eHealth and Hospitals management.

He also contributes as Senior Researcher to HITACHI, and as bridge towards European potential partners and customers of the HITACHI Group Business Divisions. He represents HITACHI in several European or French public projects’ Steering Committees, together with his Teams.

Max was Coordinator of the EU FP7 project “eCo-FEV”, and the A&IL Team contributed to the "Excellent" project results. Hitachi Europe was and is also an active partner in collaborative projects like GeoNet, COVEL, DRIVE-C2X, SCORE@F, Autonet2030 and DENSE.

HITACHI is Associate Member of the industrial Car-2-Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC), with Max appointed as Contact for the HITACHI Group.

HITACHI is Full Member of ETSI, with me appointed as the Contact for the HITACHI Group, and where Max is active in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Technical Committee.

Max is an IEEE Member and serving several Committees of international conferences. He contributed to several publications, and was Reviewer within some Conferences’ Technical Committees. I coordinated some Sessions at different Conferences, and was invited as Panellist several times.

Main interest: Industrial R&D Laboratory management, particularly in the field of ICT for the Automotive and Industry sectors.


Max was born in Gorizia (Italy) on December 31st, 1970 and I lived in Gradisca d'Isonzo withhis parents until almost 1989. After graduating from the "LiceoScientifico Duca degli Abruzzi" high school in Gorizia he got hisMaster Degree in Electrical Engineering (specialization in Telecommunications) in June 1997 from the "UniversitÓ degli Studi di Trieste", Italy.

From November 1996 to April 1997, Max developed a Laurea Thesis ("Analisys of a digital image inthe multidimensional space of its features: application to the segmentation of a video sequence") at the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS) of the EPFL, Switzerland, in collaboration with the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Trieste for the Esprit-Noblesse European project.

From September 1995 to June 1996 he was an Erasmus (now Socrates) student at " University of Manchester", Great Britain.

From October 1997 to July1998 Max was a graduate student of the Doctoral School inCommunication Systems at the Communication Systems Department of the EPFL (LCM).A project on Distributed Antennas in Wireless/Cellular Systems has been developed, "Distributed Antennas for Cellular Wireless Systems".

From August 1998 toDecember 1998 he collaborated with NE&T-Webtechna, an InternetService Provider in Trieste (Italy) as Network Configurator and Designer.

From January 1999 to May 2002 Massimiliano was a PhD Student at Mobile Communications Department of Institute EURECOM (Sophia Antipolis, France), working under Prof. Dirk T.M. Slock on "Mobile reception for 3th generation mobile systems", in the context of UMTS/W-CDMA standard development.

Curriculum Vitae (CV in English): PDF.

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